Hints of a Rugged Surface on Pluto Emerge

The latest photo from New Horizons are hinting at potentially rugged surface features and mysterious dark plains . This first photo is from the July 10th image release where surface features are beginning to come into view as the space craft draws closer to the Planet. In the second image I applied several Photoshop processing steps to emphasize the light and dark areas with the hope that more of the surface variations would contrast more deeply.

Nasa Pluto Image from July 10th
Nasa Pluto Image from July 10th
Over Processed Pluto Image
Photoshop processing to enhance contrast surface features

As you can see in the second shot the surface features take on a more dramatic separation between the light and dark areas of the original photo. The important aspect of this processing to keep in mind is that we started with a blurred shot, and with the added processing we likely enhance features that do not exist.

It is a lot of fun to take these images and run them through the filters just to see what might be coming in the days ahead.

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