New Horizons Spots Nix and Hydra

With each passing day New Horizons closes in Pluto and sends back more detailed information about the planets moons. The latest imagery is a time lapse stack of images showing the faint glow of light from the moons Hydra and Nix. The moons Nix and Hydra are visible in a series of images taken at […]


A Low Cost Space Lane to Mars

Down the road a bit, we Earthlings will become Marslings. Before the first colony is  established on Mars quite a bit of work will be done to prepare the way for the first settlers . Currently there are thousands of really bright people working on the challenges of reaching Mars. A recent article on ArXiv (at the Cornell […]

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New Horizons at Pluto’s Doorstep

The Kuiper Belt object, Pluto since its discovery in 1930 has revealed little about its characteristics. The NASA/JPL probe New Horizons is now one month away from the start of mission observations of the dwarf planet. New Horizons has been travelling to Pluto for nearly 9 years. After  a journey of more than 8 years the spacecraft […]