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Astrometric Measurements of WDS 20210+1028

I am excited to report the submission of a double star research paper to the Journal of Double Star Observations. I co-authored the paper with a team of College professors in the local San Diego area. This research project was part of an Astronomy Research Seminar offered by Cuesta College, supported by the Institute for Student […]

Asteroid TB145 Movie

Friday night I started calibration and testing of the imaging system at 8PM. By 10pm I was ready to start taking data on the Halloween Asteroid. When I first moved the scope into position and started shooting I tried a series of 60 second shots, then 30 second, then 10 second shots. The challenge was […]

Rare Triple Lunar Event

On Sunday September 27th West Coast lunar observers will be treated to a rare event. Starting at 6:45pm the Moon will rise already eclipsed by Earth’s shadow. The moon is also at its closest approach to the Earth in its orbit as well (known as a Super Moon by the public) and it is the […]

Pluto in Living Color

This shot was released this morning July 14th 2015 and shows Pluto in full color. I have processed the shot a bit to enhance the contrast and improve saturation for purposes of making the detail stand out. I have to say that the reddish hue of Pluto is entirely unexpected, and the detail level has […]

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